PictureSimplifying Network Transformation 

Your Wide-Area Network (WAN) is the foundation of your globally connected business. It enables collaboration, communication, business productivity, and trade. The performance of their WAN is critical to everything you do.

Optimisation of your wide area network is the most essential long term investment you will make. If done correctly, your business will run faster and more efficiently, You will deliver consistent service levels and cut OPEX costs of your IT infrastructure.

Winovation simplifies network transformation by delivering the knowledge and resources to manage all aspects of your network migration. Our skilled team of seasoned professionals work along side of your internal staff to provide  the most cost effective and lowest risk path to success.

Why use Winovation?

You may be are surrounded by technical experts that understand the day to day operation of your business, however network refresh only occurs once every 7 to 10 years. In-house expertise is rare. In fact, during  ones' entire career, they many only experience a refresh programme a handful of times. If your infrastructure is outsourced and managed by a 3rd party, getting the right level of support becomes even more challenging. Winovation unites your internal stakeholders in-house IT staff and preferred 3rd parties to ensure that you will get the solution you seek within the budget you have allocated. 

A concerted effort

Network transformation is a massive undertaking.  A network transformation will impact most elements of your business and literally change how you engage and support your remote office colleagues. In order to succeed, it requires more than technical expertise. Transformation is about understanding how your business operates and how to perform monumental tasks without disruption. Our experienced team of professionals  will guide you through to success.